How to keep safe your older carpets

    You may have an old carpet in the living room inherited by your mother, yet the rug in the hallway didn’t survive to see the New Year. That is because there are many different methods for making them and not all rugs are durable and strong. It could also be the lack of an appropriate rug pad, or using an inappropriate one. Selecting the right rug pad is also a process and without a quality rug pad like flat rubber rug pads a lot of carpets are doomed. Many people think that buying a new rug will be easy and that is why they buy new ones every two years. If you know how to select the right carpet for the chosen area, you can have the same ones for many years and keep them in their original condition. There is a perfect rug for every room and according to your style and budget you can find the perfect one.

    Every color you can think of can be used for making a carpet. Make sure the color of the rug matches the colors of the room fixtures. They don’t have to be the exact color but they should at least complement each other. The pattern on the carpet can also enhance the décor in the area. Geometric shapes, like lines and squares can make the area look bigger when placed right, while oriental patterns will make you place your attention on the seating setting. The fibers on the carpet don’t stay vertical and they take their own direction. So when you look at the carpet from different viewpoints, sometimes the colors will look brighter, while other times darker. If the pile of fibers is pointed directly to you, the colors will seem dimmer, while if you look at the carpet from the opposite directions it will look brighter, so be careful how you place it.
    Just because you have bought the most expensive rug in the store doesn’t mean you can find the perfect placement. Kitchen areas for example, don’t need large carpets. You can place the rug in front of the stove or sink and that will be enough because those are the areas that require more warmth. Plus, it will make your kitchen look cleaner and more roomy. The dining room needs more planning and you can’t guess the size of the rug for under the dining table. You have to measure the space the chairs take when they are spread around the table, so you won’t have any chairs wobbling while you sit. The bedroom and living room are the areas where you can experiment with one or more carpets and achieve the layout you are looking for.
    Every room has 5 walls, where you can show your style and good taste. A wall doesn’t have to be white and there are paintings and art mounts that can make your living area magazine-like. Designers say that the floor is the 6th wall in the room and there are many options to decorate it with a rug. Make sure you pick the most durable materials for the areas where there is frequent traffic, like the hallway. For other rooms you can choose different materials like silk, synthetic and natural fibers.  As for rug pads, different carpets require different pads. Do not go for either the free rug pad given to you by the rug vendor nor the cheap urethane foam rug pads that can cause stains. Instead, see if you can afford some quality rubber rug pads with a density that matches your needs if you wish your carpet to stay in pristine condition.

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