What kinds of area rugs are there

area-rugsMaking the decision to add a unique touch to your room with the presence of an area rug is usually always a sound one. However, we find it’s best to start off by asking yourself a question we deem important in the quest for area rugs: do I want a specific functionality to my area rug, or is it primarily a decoration? Whichever the answer, materials will be something to keep in mind, as your functional rug is probably absorbing a lot of traffic and with it, a lot of dirt. All of this can really add up if you picked the wrong material. On the other hand, if you are aiming for your carpet to offer little more than visual stimulation, you are free to pick all the finest, hand-woven carpets that are so rarely easy on the pocket. Because it is an area rug, you can choose where to place it to avoid traffic, and with it dirt and stains, and even furniture marks that threaten to ruin your rug. Owners of full room rugs will always recall how hard or impossible it was to avoid furniture marks on their carpets. Well, with an area rug, you are encouraged to do just that. If your area rug is indeed getting a lot of traffic, sliding can be an issue and  even cause painful accidents, but this is entirely preventable by the right choice of padding. Even if the floor surface contributes to the sliding, with the right rug pad ultimately that won’t matter. What about price? Are area rugs really less expensive than the ones covering entire rooms? Well, the truth is that while area rugs are often much smaller, they are also often the ones that end up being that expensive rug every friend brags about – antiques, if you will. Even if you are not into that, you can still come across some pricey area rugs enjoying that high price due to a distinctive design, usually hand-crafted and signifying a lot of hours placed into its design. One thing to note is the increased ease of cleaning an area rug as opposed to a bulkier one. With a larger rug, a serious stain, however small, often means cleaning all of the rug, even if most of it was pristine. But when an area rug gets stained, you usually aren’t cleaning too much extra surface, saving up on time as well as money. Most won’t consider this before buying a rug, only after they’ve witnessed the hassle of rug care. As you see, regardless of whether you are looking for a decorative piece or leaning towards functionality, choosing a more compact rug covering only a selected area of your room carries with it many benefits and few drawbacks. You probably don’t need a rug to cover anything else besides that empty spot missing something, or that high traffic area you’ve been looking to improve with a sturdy carpet.Since they come in all shapes and sizes, you  will never have to worry about your exact needs not being met.

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