Wool and today’s carpets

woolCarpetry has improved in leaps and bounds over the last few centuries, and much of it has been automated to a mass production point.The best and most sought after carpets, however, remain those that are carefully handmade with thought placed into every knot. Aside from silk, another material traditionally held in high regard is wool. While the prices of wool have never been lower, woolen carpets still command a slightly higher price over their counterparts, in good part because of the difficulty that surrounds obtaining large quantities of high quality wool. Wool is not a premium material just for carpets, however. Wool rug pads are the padding equivalent of a wool rug. This does not, of course, mean that wool rug pads are to be used exclusively with wool carpets. On the contrary, most types of rugs can enjoy this fine material as their padding. Just like their carpet counterparts, wool rug pads are considered very eco-friendly, much more so than any other type of material you might encounter as carpet padding. Their biodegradability is a favorite among the environmentally friendly carpet enthusiast, and the absence of chemicals certainly serves as an added incentive. Usually, rug pads are overflowing with all sorts of chemicals and additives, starting with the liquid applied over every non-wool rug pad to prevent ignition. Because of wool’s natural properties causing the fibers to self-extinguish in the presence of fire, wool rug pads don’t need a toxic chemical applied to it that can often degrade the quality of the padding. Every year or so, sheep across many sheep farms are shorn for their wool. Their life in the countryside attributes to the finesse and quality of the wool, to a point where adding elements during production is avoided to preserve the natural elements. Doesn’t this feel infinitely more in tune with Mother Nature than gluing together scrapped foam pieces and dipping them into all those chemicals? If given a choice, and most of us are, who wouldn’t want to contribute to the environment by picking an eco-friendly solution while also protecting their home and carpets? After all, synthetic rug pads, especially those made with less quality materials, have been known to stain the carpets they are under by releasing some of the many chemicals they hold. You never have to worry about a similar scenario occurring with a wool rug pad, as there are no chemicals like that polluting your rug pad when you choose to get a wool rug pad. As previously mentioned, you don’t need to have a wool carpet to enjoy the natural comfort of wool rug padding. Wool carpets are possibly the cushiest carpets you will come across, and the comfort of their material very much translated to rug pads made from wool. Even if you weren’t willing or able to get a wool rug, you can still equip whichever rug you ended up getting with a wool rug pad and enjoy the woolen comfort from underneath it every time you walk over, or sit on, your favorite carpet.

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