Is taking care of rug pads a lot of work

carpetstainsI bet that when a carpet owner is looking to buy a rug, care and cleaning of his rug pads are just about the last thing on his mind, if he even knows such a thing as rug pads exist. And yet, rug pad care is often just as important as every other aspect of carpet owning. A rug pad is essentially a sheet of protective material designed to offer benefits to the carpet and its user, so where does cleaning it come in play? Having to do that sounds like more of a drawback. The truth is, any time your carpet is face with the risk of cleaning, so is the rug pad underneath. This stands especially true for fiber rug pads, because liquid can easily seep through the carpet into the rug pad, potentially causing rot and stench. Even liquid you think is ‘good’ for the carpet, such as a cleaning soluble, can pass right through the rug in question and get soaked in by the fibers comprising the rug pad, easily leading to mold with certain rug pads. How do you avoid this? Well, one route could be trying to go for rubber or foam pads only if you think moisture will be an issue. If you absolutely want a fiber rug pad, you will simply need to exercise a little more caution. As long as you properly dry the rug pad after cleaning, you are encouraged to clean it with water and detergent as often as you deem necessary.

More often, however, when thinking rug pad care you will find yourself vacuuming and dusting the rug pad. Dust and debris getting stuck in the fiber is not good and it can even lead to diseases if left unchecked. Next time you are vacuuming your rugs, make sure to grab a hold of the rug pads and shake them around to get rid of any dirt. If you clean the rug but leave the rug pad dusty, then put the carpet back on it,the carpet can become dirty again and have you wondering where it came from. Some pads will require not only shaking but actually vacuuming them as well as the carpet. Try to consult your carpet owner to see just how much cleaning your rug pad needs. Think of rug pads as extensions of your carpets: since you regularly care for your carpets it wouldn’t make sense to neglect its rug pad, especially when it can threaten the carpet’s condition as well. When vacuuming the rug and the rug pad, do not leave the rug pad on the floor as there can be just as much dust and dirt between the rug pad and the floor. So, make sure to lift the rug pad and vacuum the floor, even cleaning the floor with water if necessary. In time, you will realize that rug pad care is no different than carpet care, and your carpets will thank you for not having to suffer above unkept rug pads.

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