Keeping your Persian carpet safe

If you are a proud owner of a Persian rug, then I am guessing you know its true value and you are doing your best to protect your investment, starting with the use of an appropriate and quality rug pad. However, these natural material rugs can often damage even though we maintain them with the best vacuum cleaners on the market or we clean them using the mildest carpet shampoos. In this article I will try to tell you a few tricks on how to stop the damage and prolong the life of the rugs. It doesn’t matter if the rugs you own are antiques, handmade or contemporary (industrially crafted), if they are produced using all-natural materials only, they are subjected to all kinds of exterior factors and influences, which can add to the premature damaging of the rugs.
One of the worst enemies of your Persian rugs is the direct sunlight, so if you want to protect the natural beauty of the rugs, you will have to make sure to protect them from being exposed to direct sunlight. If your interior décor does not allow this arrangement, you can minimize the damage by rotating the rug as often as possible (the best recommended rotation period is usually set every month, except for the summer, when you will have to rotate it every week).  Nevertheless, if you own antique rugs or your rugs are woven using naturally dyed materials, expect that the rugs are highly sensitive and that the colors eventually will start to fade away.

Although you may find this as rather peculiar, you will have to agree that in every household there are frequent traffic routes, and if the rugs are being constantly on its direct route, these will make them predisposed to damage. Not all rug pads were created with a lot of traffic in mind, and if you get, for example, a soft foam rug pad, it might break down once enough people walk over it. On the other hand, something like frother urethane foam or felt rubber pads will fare much better in the face of high traffic. This is another thing to consider. Furthermore, if on top of the rugs there are some heavy objects, make sure to rotate the rugs as often as possible, as this will prevent creating wear patterns on particular areas. Another excellent way to prevent this is using dense rubber rug pads, as they prevent the creation of wear patterns. It’s important to make sure these rubber rug pads have enough density or they won’t do much in this regard. If there is one wear pattern created already, you can try and fix it by combing the area using a large comb. However, you mustn’t do this often, as the combing may cause even greater damage, so try doing it only once and then stop the procedure. In order to prevent significant damage, place a rubber or plastic pad underneath your rug, as this will keep the friction to a minimum.Persian-Carpet
The best way to maintain your Persian rug is to vacuum it as often as possible, and try using a vacuum machine that has suitable brushes in order to keep the rug’s fibers safe from pulling, wear and tear. The regular vacuuming keeps the fibers upwards, rather than being packed down. If the rugs get stained or dirty, try browsing the web for ways of naturally removing the stains and the dirt. The heavy chemicals can damage the natural colors of the fibers, so you may end up doing greater damage. I hope these little tricks will help you to enjoy the beauty of your Persian rugs as long as possible, as they are truly a piece of art and ancient culture.

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