How to Cut a Rug Pad

With the advancement in technology, architecture has improved along with it. We can now construct buildings higher than ever before. Modern architecture allows us to make buildings in more and more, unique ways. Every house designed today is being turned into a masterpiece. While designing houses has become an artistic process, there is still a need to include functionality. Beyond a certain point, architects and designers cannot add comfort to living. This means that for every new home, there is a need to have custom made items; otherwise these would just not fit anymore. One of these thingsisa rug pad. Rug pads an under layer you install between your floor and the carpet. These pads provide many benefits to the user, which include noise reduction, insulation and improving the feel of the floor underneath your feet, protecting the floor from scratches and most importantly providing traction to the carpet.
In the modern home, angles are of the utmost importance; the commonly square shape and right angles have become outdated. Instead homes are built with spaces in triangles, circles and pentagons. This especially presents a problem when it comes to anything used to cover the floor, especially rug pads. The problem persistent to Rug Pads is that they come in very specific shapes and sizes. They come in squares ranging from 8’ x10’ to 9’x12’ which is a very limited size range. Oftentimes carpets can be smaller than the rug pads. This means that you will have to cut the rug pad to meet your speci fic needs. Another problem with the shape of the rug pad is that you sometimes have to match them to the shape of the house, for example at the edge of round walls. All these issues are faced by people when layering their carpets and floors with rug pads.
Cutting rug pads to a specific shape can be very tricky. The pads themselves have a very thick rubber material, which is hard to cut. To ensure that you do not ruin the rug pad, there are steps you have to follow. A rug pad can be anywhere from half inch to an inch thick while a DuraholdRug Pad is somewhere between one inch to two inches think. There are companies out there that can custom make a rug pad but you will have to pay extra for that service. You can easily cut a rug pad at home if you follow the steps.
There are three things you need when cutting a rug pad:

•    Rug Pad
•    Measuring Tape
•    Foam cutters or scissors
1.    The first step involves measuring the area of the rug you are going to place the rug pad under. Use the measuring tape to measure the rug across the length and the width. When measuring, you should not include any decorative elements such as the tassels; only measure the main part of the rug.
2.    Lay down the rug pad on a surface and measure the length that you determined earlier and cut the pad across using either scissor or a foam cutter. Since a rug pad goes underneath the rug, it should not be visible from under the carpet. So keeping this in mind, make sure that you cut the rug pad smaller than the actual rug by about 2 inches on each side.
3.    Next you need to cut across the width of the rug pad. Again, keep in mind that you need to cut the rug pad about 2 inches shorter than the width of the carpet.
4.    Place the rug pad on the floor where you want to place the rug. Then put the rug on top of the rug pad, making sure to center its position.

Cutting a Durahold Rug Pad
A Durahold Rug Pad is slightly different from a normal rug pad. It is made from natural materials, which make it thicker and denser than other rug pads. This means that you will need a better foam cutter or scissors when attempting to cut a Durahold Rug Pad.
Cutting a Rug Pad for a Circle
A circle rug presents a problem when you need to cut a rug pad for it. The best way recommended by the company is to cut it in a diamond shape. Find the center of the circle and put a line along the width and the length of the rug pad, with the line running through the center. Next, use a foamcutter or scissors to cut from one end point to the other forming a diamond. Make sure you cut the rug pad about 2 inches shorter on all sides than the pad itself.

Cutting rug pads can be a tricky business. However if you follow some basic rules you cannot go wrong.

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